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Celtico Coloniale Runner

    Celtico Coloniale Runner

    $30.00 $60.00

    50% cotton and 50% linen runner with tassels. The Celtic pattern pays homage to the Celts. The Celts worshipped natural elements, such as the sun and the moon. They believed that rivers, trees and stones had their own soul. Their perception of the presence of spirits in all natural things gave rise to open-air worship of these beings. The Celtic Style is based on the interlaced patterns of ropes in spirals and curves instead of right angles. Made in Italy by Tessitura Pardi.a Pardi.

     Sizes :

    • Small (47.24 x 12.99)
    • Medium (59.05 x 12.99 inches)
    • Large (70.87 x 12.99 inches)