Why Loli's Suitcase?

by Loli's suitcase Admin on May 07, 2019


Hi, my name is Loli Ramírez de Arellano, I am from Puerto Rico and this is my first blog ever….

From my mother I learned to appreciate beautiful things, nice linens, a fresh cut bouquet of flowers from our garden, how to set a table with embroidered tablecloths and nice silverware, manners and the importance of family. 

From my father, I learned to appreciate good food and wine, the love for traveling, how to dance and the importance of working hard. 

Like my dad, I love to travel.  When I travel I like to try the typical food of each country (even when sometimes I don’t like how it looks…), visiting museums and the important sites of each place, and I adore going to markets!!!!!  I like to buy nice things for my house and to give away to my friends.  Finding small treasures and the amazing things each place has to offer is a must for me.  When we travel we learn to see things through the eyes of others….



For the last 8 or 9 years I have shared the treasures found in my trips with my friends and family, but at the end of last year (FY18) I decided to pursue my dream of having an online store where I can sell and share with the rest of the world my findings, and also the information about the products I find. 

I would like to invite you to share with me this adventure, I promise I will not disappoint you.