VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!

by Loli Ramirez De Arellano on August 21, 2019

The first time I visited Mexico I was 14 or 15 years and I was with my parents and some of my siblings.  As soon as I stepped in the country I fell in love with the history, the people, the food (even though we all got sick …) and the flowers (there were selling roses at a very cheap price in every corner of the city).  In Puerto Rico, where I live, roses were very expensive at the time.

After that first trip I have visited many times and many places and I have many other cities in my bucket list….Each time I go, my love for the country and their beautiful artisanal work increases.  

A few weeks ago I went to Mexico City to find new treasures for my online store.  Of course, I combine work with cultural knowledge, fun and pleasure…   This last time, my friend and collaborator, Nitza Fusté came with me.  We visited various markets where we bough cushion covers, embroidered runners, tablecloths,  jewelry,  bags,  clutches, typical Mexican decorating accessories, religious art and many other beautiful pieces.  

I always like to visit the Guadalupe Basilica, as this temple gives me peace and I always have special petitions to the Virgencita de la Guadalupe.  Another day we spend it in Coyoacán were we went to Frida Khalo’s house, the market in town, dinner at a typical and very good restaurant called La Calaca (, and after dinner we went to see Cats the Musical in Spanish.  It was an awesome day. 


If you are in Mexico City on a Saturday don’t miss the San Angel Saturday Art Market where you can find the most beautiful arts and crafts in town. 

On Sunday, Father’s Day, we went the beautiful town of Puebla (around 2 hours from the DF depending on the traffic).  This town is  known for its culinary history, colonial architecture and the Talavera pottery.   On Sundays there are a couple of markets in town and many Talavera stores are open.  

I still have many more places, towns and provinces to visit in this amazing country, but for the moment check out on the website the treasures I brought for you from this trip.

Next Stop….. Guatemala, stay tuned!!!!!!!